Friday, July 14, from noon to 8 pm and Saturday, July 15, from 10 am to 6 pm on the Port Orchard Waterfront in downtown Port Orchard, WA.

Vendor applications are due by June 30, 2023 (or earlier)

We are accepting applications for Artisans, Vintage Dealers, and Artists.

Artisan and Vintage Fair

Held during the Annual Chris Craft Rendezvous!

Port Orchard Bay Street Association (POBSA) welcomes applications for Artisans, Vintage Dealers, and Artists. Please include all necessary information. If you have special space needs, be sure to note your preferences below. Payment isn’t required until you’ve been accepted. Security will be provided on Friday night from 6:00 pm to 8:00 am Saturday morning.


1. Space will be allotted in the grassy pocket park along the waterfront by the marina in 10×10 segments. The Fair committee will designate your space based on the Fair needs and your request.

2. POBSA reserves the right to reject any applicant, or limit the number of applicants with similar items. All applications will be screened to ensure that your plans are appropriate for this event.

3. In consideration of the acceptance of this application applicant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend any action against Port Orchard Bay Street Association, the Port of Bremerton, the City of Port Orchard, and/or their employees and agents from and against all liabilities whatsoever arising out of Vendor’s participation in this event.

4. POBSA will provide onsite security from 6 PM Friday to 8 AM Saturday to help prevent vandalism and theft. POBSA will not be responsible for loss or damage to any property. Accordingly, each vendor shall take all necessary precautions to protect property and secure valuables. We recommend that nothing of great value be left in booths overnight.  Please put tent sides in place overnight.

5. Vendors must attend both days of the event, Friday July 14-Saturday July 15. Set-up can begin on Friday at 9:00 am and must be completed before 12:00 pm.  Set-up can begin on Saturday at 8:00 am and must be completed by 10 am.  Take-down must not occur prior to closing each day. All vehicles must be moved to designated parking by the end of the set-up period.  Vendors may leave their tents up overnight with security provided, see item #4.

6. Vendor parking will be available in designated areas. All vehicles must be moved by the end of each day’s setup period. No departures before the end of each day’s show allowed.

7. All vendors must be licensed or otherwise authorized to conduct business in the State of Washington. Vendors are responsible for their own tax, permits, and license and insurance costs and liabilities.

8. Vendors are responsible for providing all tables, tents, and set up equipment. Weights are necessary for tent/awnings. Stakes may be driven into the grass.

9. It is recommended that vendors bring their own hotspot or other connectivity option. Reliable Wifi is not available in the Fair area.

10. Vendors shall not solicit their product or services more than ten (10) feet from their assigned space.

11. No refunds will be given seven (7) days prior to the event.

12. POBSA will provide sanitizer and distancing signage, as well as crowd management as needed in accordance with the City’s COVID requirements.

Either download a copy of the application or apply with the online form below.  If accepted, you will be provided with payment information.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please let us know.



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