Adopt-a-Planter 2023

Businesses, individuals, associations and groups! You are invited to adopt a Bay Street Planter (or two!) Here is what you do: Fill out the online form below. Use the planter map to select the planter(s) you want to adopt OR we will assign a planter(s) for you to adopt. On the planter map, the black circled numbers are taken.

There is no fee to adopt a planter.  Instead you purchase plants to fill your planter and IMPORTANT you care for the planter(s) until late fall (that means watering!) We provide a marker indicating who has adopted each of the planter(s). Please read and follow the guidelines suggested below.

* Planters should be planted beginning after April 24th and fully planted no later than May 8th. (May 1st is our May Day Basket Contest if you possible please have the planters finished before then)

*We encourage you to use a variety of plants, annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, fast growing seeds etc. We will be adding soil to all of the planters this year.

*Please consider– if you plant tall growing plants they may break off or fall over without staking.

*Please consider using trailing plants that will spill over the planter.

*With the adoption of your planter(s) you are the primary ‘waterer’ of your planter(s). Plan to water your planter 1 to 2 times a week and MORE during hot dry periods. We have two portable 9 gallon watering units on wheels stored at the Port Orchard Market — you are welcome to use those or bring your own water. Please also plan on deadheading, trimming and fertilizing your flowers/planters throughout the season!  If for any reason you find that you cannot continue with the maintenance, please do not abandon your plants but let us know so we can keep the planters looking great all season.

*And POBSA will also hold the 5th Annual May Day Basket Contest and Display for downtown businesses.  Plan to come down and vote for your favorite between April 28 and April 30, 2023.  Information on participating in the May Day Basket Contest can be found here or email us.

Adopt a Planter

Bay Street In Bloom - Adopt a Planter

  • This is your first choice for location. If it is not available, we will move on to your second and third. If those are not available, we will assign you a space and let you know.
    There are only 55 planters this year (last year there were 58) so we are forced to limit the number. If you want two planters, please check here.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please let us know.



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