Carlisle II Story Sail: Mosquito Fleet

The Carlisle II Story Sail is a 90 minute sail departing and returning to Port Orchard Foot Ferry Terminal at the Port Orchard Marina. These free events are scheduled for 11am – 1pm, August 19th and September 9th.  The guided tour experience will have lots of time to enjoy the shoreline and scenery as you learn about Kitsap’s Mosquito Fleet history. 
  • Printed Story Sail guide for each guest.
  • Period photos & archive material aboard the vessel transport guests back to the early 1900’s during the height of maritime travel.
  • Sail from Port Orchard to Bremerton/Manette, through Rich Passage to Manchester and back.

Brought to you by Maritime Washington, Kitsap Transit, Visit Kitsap Peninsula and the Port Orchard Bay Street Association.

All seats on the Story Sail are now full. Thank you for your interest!

Mosquito Fleet

Before roads, our area relied on boats for transportation and commerce. The inlets and bays of Puget Sound made for a natural transportation route. It was a loosely connected and ever-changing group of privately operated steamboats that served Puget Sound communities – large and small – from around 1860 until the early 1930s. The heyday of the Mosquito Fleet ended in the 1930s when competition with rail and road transportation put the fleet out of business.
Source:  Larry E. Johnson,