Entries to be displayed October 19 – November 4, 2020

There is a pretty easy self check in system down at the Port Orchard Market at 715 Bay St. in downtown Port Orchard.
You can bring down your scarecrow starting October 19 through Monday October 26th during the hours that the Dock Bar & Eatery is open (11am to 8pm daily, except until 9pm on Friday and Saturdays)
There is a form on the table — fill out the top part, cut it off and put it in the black box and then put the lower half with your scarecrow number pinned on the scarecrow (there should be scissors and pins there)
Please line up your scarecrow next to one already there.
And then tell everyone to come look at them! Friday, October 23 we will start People’s Choice voting and on November 2nd will have judging in the other categories.
Lastly, come get your scarecrow November 4th-6th.


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